Milos Forman and Jan Novak:
Turnaround, A memoir

Villard Books, Random House Inc., New York, USA, 1994
Random House of Canada Ltd., Toronto, Canada, 1994

In the introduction to his autobiography, Milos Forman confesses, “Everything I had done in my life I did, because I wanted to win. The will to win belongs to my essential motivational powers and I recognize it in other people as well.” While his life wasn’t always perfect, Forman did manage to get over the loss of his parents in WWII, and become famous both in his homeland of Czechoslovakia and worldwide. Despite his turbulent background, Forman’s autobiography is fun to read. It was written by Jan Novak (*1953) who worked with Forman and Jean Claude-Carrier on the script for “Valmont”. According to Novak, “He was just a rubber on the pencil Forman wrote with.”

Other Publications

Milos Forman and Jan Novak:
Co ja vim?

Atlantis, Brno, Czech Republic, 1994 (Czech translation Jiri Josek)

Milos Forman und Jan Novak:
Rückblende: Erinnerungen

Hoffmann und Campe, Hamburg, SRN, 1994

Milos Forman et Jan Novak:
Et on dit la vérité, mémoires

Robert Laffont, Paris, Francie, 1994

Milos Forman and Jan Novak:
Co ja vim aneb Co mam delat, kdyz je to pravda?

Jiří Krechler – Bookman, Prague, Czech Republic, 2007 (Czech translation Jiri Josek and Jan Novak), second edition

Milos Forman és Jan Novák:
Fordulatok – Emlékirataim (Részlet)

Emlékirataim, Kalligram, Budapest, Hungary, 2008