Slovo dělá ženu
A Woman as Good as Her Word

Socialist Realism Comedy

Director: Jaroslav Mach
Cast: Oldrich Novy, Jirina Steimarova and others
Milos Forman: Actor (a young worker)
81 min., black-and-white, Czech
© 1952 Barrandov Studios

About the film

On his way home from a conference, Zach falls in love with a girl named Jarmila. Jarmila loves poetry and works at the same company—as his competition. Her all-girl team wants to prove that a woman can work out technical problems as well as a man– if not better – as they work on a “dishwasher” to help woman with housekeeping. The men on Zach’s team want to prove that this gadget is unnecessary, so they decide to take over housekeeping to demonstrate that housework is easy without the dishwasher. In the end, both teams make a compromise: the women accept the men’s help with their device, and the men admit that housekeeping is difficult. And, with this compromise nothing stands in the way of Jarmila and Zach’s relationship. Despite the trivial theme and the biased processing, the film is partly saved by the performance of the charismatic Czech actor, Oldrich Novy, who rose to fame pre-war. Future film director Milos Forman appeared for the first time in a minor role as a young worker.


Stříbrný vítr
Silvery Wind

Poetic Drama

Director: Vaclav Krska
Cast: Eduard Cupak, Frantisek Slegr, Marie Brozova, Radovan Lukavsky, Vladimir Raz, Bedrich Vrbsky, Jana Rybarova and others
Milos Forman:  Actor (a soldier at the Staneks)
98 min., black-and-white, Czech
© 1954 Barrandov Studios

About the film

Silvery Wind is a poetic drama about a teenage young boy who lives in a small south Bohemian town in the second half of the 19th century. The film is an adaptation of the novel by the well-known Czech poet Frana Sramek. The main character, seventeen-year-old high school student Jan Ratkin, experiences his first love, disappointment, and confrontations with small-town society. Jan’s beloved uncle commits suicide, his love Anicka prefers a rich pharmacist, and then Jan visits a local brothel and expelled from high school. However, the young man keeps his spirits-- he remains willing to listen to the symbolic “silvery wind,” which symbolizes youth, love and the new, more independent future.


Nechte to na mně
Leave It to Me


Director: Martin Fric
Cast: Oldrich Novy, Theodor Pistek, Frantisek Kreuzmann st., Vladimir Repa and others
Milos Forman: Co-screenwriter
73 min., black-and-white, Czech
© 1955 Barrandov Studios

About the film

Leave it to Me is a social satire about Jaroslav Patocka, a typographer who has to take care of his household and teenage son when his wife goes away to help their daughter give birth. He leaves on a business trip with his co-workers, and takes on the role as the trip’s leader. Patocka is successful, and when he returns he becomes the new social event chair of the company committee (an official, who helps organize social functions for the employees). Thanks to his new popularity, he is nominated for other positions as well, which he accepts and has to manage in addition to his normal job. In the end, he doesn’t manage anything at all, including his household and his son, and he becomes sick from stress. Fortunately, Mrs. Patockova returns, and the household is saved. Patocka’s co-workers take over his positions, because realize that he was overwhelmed. Legendary 1940’S actor Oldrich Novy plays the lead role, and Milos Forman co-wrote the screenplay.


Dědeček automobil
Vintage Car

Historical Comedy

Director: Alfred Radok
Cast: Raymond Bussières, Ginette Pigeon, Ludk Munzar, Josef Hlinomaz, Annete Poivre, Svatopluk Benes and others
Milos Forman: Assistant Director, Co-screenwriter (not mentioned in the credits), Actor (airplane mechanic, Assistant Cinematographer)
96 min., black-and-white, Czech
© 1956 Barrandov Studios

About the film

Vintage Car is love story about Frantisek, a young mechanic, and Nanette, the daughter of a French mechanic. The film is set at a time when cars were new in Bohemia and France. Famous Czech theatre and film director Alfred Radok asked Milos Forman for help with the screenplay. Radok offered Forman the position of assistant director, but he also told him that the film’s screenwriter would not be credited on the film. In return for not receiving credit, Radok offered Forman the opportunity to direct one of the film’s crowd scenes. This scene took took place in the morning in Stromovka park, in Prague, and was meant to show the fantastic demonstration of a three-wheeler in the beginning of the 20th century. According to Forman, It was the first time in my life I had the whole scene at my command…Even though everybody did everything the way I had told them, something was wrong about it  - I just couldn’t tell what. So I asked them to repeat the scene.” Forman still wasn’t satisfied after the second take. He shot one more take; some of the extras got bored and one of them even walked away for a glass of beer. Forman shouted, “Stop!”  He knew what was missing-- the scene was too perfect. He shot another take, however this time he directed some of the extras to act like they were not interested in the three-wheeler. This disinterest gave the scene the right chaotic atmosphere. “It was just a minor thing, a fleeting moment, but it was like an awakening for me. I realized at that moment that the truth on the screen was mostly demonstrated by those who contradicted it.”




Director: Ivo Novak
Cast: Rudolf Jelinek, Jaroslava Panyrkova, Jan Pivec, Blanka Waleska, Jana Brejchova, Zuzana Stivinova st. and others
Milos Forman: Author of the original story, Co-screenwriter (with Ivo Novak), Assistant Director
78 min., black-and-white, Czech
© 1957 Barrandov Studios

About the film

The film Puppies is about Marie and Hana, two young graduates from a Secondary Nursing School in Prague who are sent to work in different towns. Although this was a common practice in Communist Czechoslovakia, the girls do not want to leave the capital. Marie decides to fake her own suicide to reverse the decision. Hana’s boyfriend Ota tries to convince the Ministry of Health officials, but the authorities decision remains unchanged. Hana and Ota decide to get married to gain permanent residence in Prague. However, this does not move the officials, and Hana and Ota do not have a place to stay. They end up living with Ota’s parents who are not very happy about their son’s early marriage. After a heated argument, the young couple leaves. In the end, they stay overnight in Ota’s place of work. The next day, Hana decides to accept the nursing job, and Ota leaves with her to live in a different town. This film is sometimes known as the vanguard of the Czechoslovak New Wave due to its civilian atmosphere and they way it depicts the real problems of young people.



Drama / Student film

Director: Vera Chytilova
Cast: Marta Kanovska, Julian Chytil, Jaroslav Satoransky, Josef Abrham, Ladislav Mrkvicka, Jiri Menzel and others
Milos Forman: Actor (the dancing man in the bar)
42 min., black-and-white, Czech
© 1962 Studio FAMU

About the film

A pretty girl named Marta works as a model and hangs out in a bar called the Olympia Grill with her boyfriend Julian. Then, Marta runs into her former classmate Honza, who thought that she was studying medicine at a university in Prague. This makes her doubt her superficial lifestyle. This student film was successful both in Czechoslovakia and abroad, and was released in 1963 at the same time as Vera Chytilova’s film Pytel blech (A Bag of Fleas) under the name U stropu je pytel blech (There is a Bag Full of Fleas at the Ceiling). That year several films from the upcoming New Wave Movement also appeared in cinemas.


Tam za lesem
Behind the Forest

War drama

Director: Pavel Blumenfeld
Cast: Július Vasek, Jiri Vala, Tibor Kiss, Maria Markovicova, Oľga Adamcikova and others
Milos Forman: Assistant Director, Actor (the doctor)
91 min., black-and-white, Czech
© 1962 Barrandov Studios

About the film

This conservative film tells the story of several Czech soldiers who are returning from the Russian front. However, they have one last battle to fight – the Battle of the Dukla Pass on the Slovak-Polish borders. At this battle 85 000 Soviets and 6500 Czechoslovakian soldiers were either injured or killed. A purchasing officer named Martin (a former teacher) is wounded clearing a mine and ends up in the hospital. At the hospital he meets other injured soldiers as well as a Hungarian captive. Although Martin considers him to be an enemy, he slowly starts to befriend him.


La Pince à ongles
The Nail Clippers

Short film

Director: Jean-Claude Carrière
Cast: Anne-Marie Descott, Michael Lonsdale
Milos Forman: Co-screenwriter
12 min., black-and-white, French
© 1969 C.A.P.A.C. Source

About the film

The Nail Clippers is a short surrealist film by Forman’s friend Jean-Claud Carrière. Carrière is best known for his work with the famous Spanish director Luis Buñuel. The film tells the story of an elegant man and his girlfriend at a luxurious hotel. The disappearance of a set of nail clippers starts a series of peculiar and unsettling events.


Le Mâle du siècle
Male of the Century


Director: Claude Berri
Cast: Juliet Berto, Claude Berri, Yves Afonso a dalsi
Milos Forman: Author of the original story
88 min., color, French
© Les Films Christian Fechner, Renn Productions

About the film

Male of the Century is a comedy about uncontrollable jealousy set against the background of a bank robbery. During a bank robbery, Isabelle is taken hostage, and her jealous husband Claude is more worried about her potential infidelity (because of a previous affair) with the robber than about her life and safety. Claude Berri, who is also featured in one of the leading roles, directed the film. Later Berri produced Roman Polanski’s Tess and Milos Forman’s Valmont.



Comedy / Drama

Director: Mike Nichols
Cast: Meryl Streep, Jack Nicholson, Jeff Daniels, Maureen Stapleton and others
Milos Forman: Actor (Dmitri)
108 min., color, English
© 1986 Paramount Picture

About the film

Heartburn is a romantic drama about the marriage of two strong personalities – Mark, a successful Washington Post columnist, and Rachel, who works in publishing in New York. They meet at a mutual friend’s wedding, go to bed, and get married shortly thereafter. They buy a house, have a daughter, and another baby is on the way, when Rachel discovers that Mark has been having an affair.  The film is an adaptation of a popular novel by famous director and a screenwriter Nora Ephron.


New Year's Day


Director: Henry Jaglom
Cast: Maggie Wheeler, David Duchovny, Gwen Welles, Henry Jaglom and others
Milos Forman: Actor (Laszlo)
89 min., color, English
© 1989 Rainbow Film Company, Jagfilm

About the film

Drew is a recently divorced middle-aged Hollywood writer who arrives in New York looking to start his life over.  When he arrives at his old apartment, Drew learns that three young women are living there until the end of the year. These three girls are: Lucy, a free-spirited multi-career woman and part-time actress who wants to move to Hollywood to start her life over; Annie, a photographer, and Lucy's best friend who wants to move to L.A. with Lucy, but is not sure what she wants to do with her life; and Winona, a 30-year-old magazine editor who feels her biological clock ticking and wants to start a family. An assortment of people arrive at the apartment for a New Year’s Eve party. At this party they talk about their stance in life, and Drew finds the inspiration to start his life over. This film features the debut of David Duchovny as Lucy’s boyfriend, and Milos Forman is featured as the caretaker of the building.


Dreams of Love

Short film

Director: Jeffrey W. Mueller
Cast: Claire Danes, Ben George and others
Milos Forman: Executive Producer
Color, English
© 1990 Futurapolis Films, Cinehaus

About the film

Claire Danes made her debut in this independent feature film about an abused and tormented girl when she was eleven years old.


Proč Havel?
Why Havel?

Documentary film

Director: Vojtech Jasny
Cast: Vaclav Havel, Milos Forman and others
Milos Forman: the Narrator
95min., color, English, Czech
© 1991 KF, a. s., Praha, Societe Generale des Industries Culturelles du Quebec (SOGIC), La Fete

About the film

Why Havel is a Czech-Canadian documentary about the life of Vaclav Havel. Havel’s story is depicted from both the personal and also from the official point of view within the context of Czech society. Legendary Czechoslovak New Wave director Vojtech Jasny shot the film after his return from exile and Milos Forman (a longtime friend of Havel) narrates.


Way Past Cool


Director: Adam Davidson
Cast: Wayne Collins, Luchisha Evans, Terrence Williams and others
Milos Forman: Executive Producer
96 min., color, English
© 2000 Redeemable Features, Pricel

About the film

The film adaptation of Jesse Mowry’s novel of the same name is set on the rough streets of Oakland, California. The film tells the story of black teenage boys who pretend to be a part of a street gang and accidentally get involved in a real drug ring. The film depicts the reality of American cities in an innovative way and it offers portrays teenagers living on the edge of society in a shocking way.


Keeping the Faith

Romantic Comedy

Director: Edward Norton
Cast: Ben Stiller, Edward Norton, Jenna Elfman and others
Milos Forman: Actor (the priest, Father Havel)
95 min., color, English
© 2000 Spyglass Entertainment Group, Touchstone Pictures

About the film

Rabbi Jake Schram and Catholic priest Father Brian Kilkenny Finn have been best friends since they were kids. Both are very popular within their communities on the Upper East Side of New York. Jake’s mother and other women in his congregation setting him up on blind dates with their daughters, much to his dismay. But then a girl named Anna comes into the picture: she used to be the third wheel in Jake and Brian’s friendship. Not only does Jake fall in love with her (yet he can’t marry a non-Jewish girl), but also Brian (who, as a Catholic priest, can’t marry at all).

Milos Forman plays the role of Father Havel, a priest who recalls his old love from the former Czechoslovakia. Forman accepted this role because of his friendship with director Edward Norton who acted in The People vs. Larry Flynt.


A Room Nearby

Short animated documentary film

Director: Paul Fierlinger, Sandra Fierlinger
Cast: Paul Fierlinger, Sandra Fierlinger, Lynn Blue, Domingo D'Achille, Milos Forman and others
Milos Forman: the narrator of his own story
27 min., color, English
© 2004 AR&T inc.

About the film

This film presents the stories of five real individuals dealing with different kinds of loneliness. These people include an unknown homeless man and the famous director Milos Forman. Forman’s story is not about his dramatic childhood; rather he recalls the “trivial situation” of losing his dog and finding him dead on a pond. . This intimate confession is a touching testimony to the deeply human feeling of loneliness.


Көшпенділер (Köşpendiler) / Кочевник (Kochevnik)
Nomad: The Warrior

Historical Epic

Director: Sergej Budrov, Ivan Passer
Cast: Jay Hernandez, Dilnaz Akhmadieva, Kuno Becker, Azis Beyshinaliev, Mark Dacascos and others
Milos Forman: Executive Producer
112 min., color, Kazakh, English
©2005 Ibrus, Kazakhfilm Studios, True Story Production, Wild Bunch

About the film

A historical drama about a boy named Mansur who is prophesized will unite the Kazakh nation and become the leader of the Kazakhs in the face of their enemies. After the hostile genera Jungar, sends out murderers to kill the boy he is hidden in countryside and raised with an orphan named Earli. The two boys grow up like brothers and their friendship stays strong despite the war and their love for the same woman. Nomad: The Warrior is an epic story of one hero, his fate and the salvation of one nation.


Peklo s princeznou
It Is Hell with the Princess


Director: Miloslav Šmidmajer
Cast: Petr Narozny, Vaclav Postranecky, Tereza Voriskova, Jiri Madl and others
Milos Forman: Actor (the sleeping devil, Elrebub)
97 min., color, Czech
©2009 Bio Illusion, Česka televize, UPP

About the film

The princess Aneta prefers walking in the forests to the courtyard of her castle. Although Aneta was promised to Prince Jeronym as a child, she decides that she does not want to marry him. Leopold tries to protect his daughter from this arranged marriage, but he can’t take back his word. To solve this problem, the King makes up a story that Lucifer asked to marry her, and hopes that Jeronym will not be interested in getting into fight with Lucifer. The king hires comedians to perform a “real hell” in a neighboring old mill, which makes the real Lucifer, his fiancée, and a witch called Muribana angry. The director of the film is an old friend of Forman’s, so Forman accepted the part of one of the clumsy devils in his friend’s fairy tale. According to Forman,” I have known Miloslav for years.  He is nice and he knows his job. So why not do it?”


Les Biens-aimes

Retro / Musical

Director: Christophe Honore
Cast: Chiara Mastroianni, Catherine Deneuve, Ludivine Sagnier, Louis Garrel, Milo Forman and others
Milos Forman: Actor (Jaromil)
139 min, color, French
© 2009 Why Not Productions, France 2 Cinema, Sixteen Films, Negativ

About the film

Beloved is a musical about love and sex before and after the discovery of the H.I.V. virus. The musical spans over forty years – from 1960s Paris to present day Prague, London and Montreal – and tells a story about love with trademark French charm and lightness. The film’s main characters are Madeleine and her daughter Vera. Milos Forman plays a Czech doctor named Jaromil who is Madeleine’s lifelong love.