The People vs. Larry Flynt


13. 10. 1996, New York Film Festival, New York, USA

124 min.


© 1996 Columbia Pictures Industries

“A brave, spectacularly entertaining - and unexpectedly stirring - account of Flynt's life that asks us to regard the publisher of Hustler magazine as an invaluable champion of our First Amendment freedoms.”

(David Ansen, Newsweek, 22. 12. 1996)

“Larry Flynt is a devil with angel’s wings. Half the man is just sleaze and smut, but the other half is very noble and admirable,“ says filmmaker Milos Forman. This biography about the famous pornography magnate spans 25 years, and follows the rise of the man who started as an operator in a striptease joint, and ended up as the publisher of the controversial pornographic magazine Hustler.

“The People vs. Larry Flynt” tells the true story of a man who challenged the borderline of public taste, and whose trial started a raging debate with defenders of morality about the First Amendment.

About the movie

“The only offence I committed was my bad taste,” Larry Flynt states in his defense to the Unites States Supreme Court libel suit against the Reverend Jerry Falwell. Throughout the film, Milos Forman characterizes Larry as a vulgar prankster from Kentucky who made a fortune off the back of naked women and sex, and also as a stubborn man fighting against a puritanical society who is unable to forgive the hypocrisy of the whole nation.

The film depicts Flynt’s life story, and the personal tragedies that influenced him. Flynt survived an assassination attempt that left him paralyzed from the waist down and wheelchair bound. His wife Althea died from a drug overdose and AIDS. As a result, Flynt was left alone with his depression and personal demons.

The film oscillates between two classical American film genres: biography and court drama. For Milos Forman, the pivitol scene of the film is when the Supreme Court decides whether freedom of speech includes the freedom to show a woman’s naked butt or sexual intercourse in a Santa Claus costume. The movie poses the question: “You don’t have to agree with him, but would you resign to the unlimited freedom of speech?”


  • At first Milos Forman refused to read the screenplay because he thought it was going to be pornographic. He only decided to read it after his manager informed him that Oliver Stone was behind the project.
  • Tom Hanks and Bill Murray were initially considered for the role of Larry Flynt. The producers were set on casting Bill Murray as Larry Flynt, but according to Milos Forman, Murray never returned his phone calls.
  • When the real Larry Flynt was asked who he would like to play him in the movie he picked Michael Douglas.
  • Milos Forman claims that Courtney Love showed up to their first meeting strung out on drugs. But just when he was about to dismiss her, he realized that Love was perfect for the role of Althea. Forman offered Love the role on the condition that she would stay clean and undergo regular drug testing throughout filming to which she complied. To this day, Love credits Forman with helping her get off drugs, which led to a renaissance in her career.
  • Columbia Pictures were asked to pay such a large fee for the insurance for Courtney Love that the company refused. Actor Woody Harrelson, producers Oliver Stone and Michael Hausman, director Milos Forman and even Love herself paid the insurance fee from their own pockets.
  • Courtney Love plays stripper Althea Flynt in the film. Before Courtney became famous she would work as a stripper.
  • Patricia Arquette, Mira Sorvino and Ashley Judd were also initially considered for the part of Althea Flynt.
  • Woody Harrelson’s real brother Brett Harrelson plays Larry Flynt’s brother “Jimmy”.
  • Larry Flynt plays the part of Judge Morrissey at the Cincinnati court.
  • The final speech by Larry’s attorney (played by Edward Norton) was actually copied from the real final speech given by Flynt’s attorney Alan. L. Isaacman.
  •  Larry Flynt's villa where he lived at the beginning of the 1980s was used as one of the locations in the movie.
  • Flynt’s physician Blaine Nashold M. D played the part of Doctor Bob.
  • Larry Flynt´s real life gold wheelchair is used by Woody Harrelson in the movie.
  • Although Edward Norton already had a successful career he took on the supporting role of Larry’s attorney because he wanted to work with Milos Forman.
  • Donna Hanover Giuliani played the part of President Jimmy Carter’s sister. At that time she was married to the Mayor of New York City: Rudi Giuliani.
  • The house in the film used as Flynt’s residence in Ohio also served as a temporary home for Tom Cruise and his family while Cruise was shooting “The Firm” in Memphis. A tube of toothpaste Cruise left there is still kept in a glass case.
  • After its release, the film drew the attention of anti-porn feminists led by Gloria Steinem. In an article written by Steinem published in the New York Times she accused Forman and Oliver Stone of humiliating and degrading women. The article was followed by a United States campaign where she strongly attacked Forman’s championing of Flynt. This negative campaign markedly blemished the film markedly, and that was supposedly the reason why it did not win an Academy Award.

Milos Forman about the movie

  • „I don’t say you should like what Larry Flynt does. I don’t like it either, but I admire the fact that I live in a country where I can make my own decisions. In a country where I can take Hustler and read it as well as throw it away, which I personally consider to be the right thing to do with it.“
  • „Flynt had written his factual comments all over the screenplay which had unbelievable value for me. He was reciting his remarks and I was just making notes feverishly on the margins of the screenplay, until the moment Flynt turned the last page and he broke off. I mustered up my courage and I asked: "Larry, don’t you mind that you do not really look like a hero in some of these scenes?” “ Of course I do! Yes, I do mind, but what can I do about it when it´s true?” grunted Flynt.
  • „Before the release I was really nervous, and so therefore I was smoking a lot. The whole little cinema was full of smoke. Larry was sitting there without moving, half hidden by the smoke from my cigar, and he was staring at the screen. It took me a while to realize he had tears in his eyes. The only thing Flynt had seen was a glittering dream version of his Althea – the king of porn was more sentimental than a teenage poet“.


VA - People vs. Larry Flynt

Music: Thomas Newman
Recorded: Village Recorder Todd A/O
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© 1996 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.
© 1977 Rhino Records, Inc.
© 1975 Warner Bros., Inc. Motion Pictures Artwork And Photography


  • Eggsplat
    Thomas Newman
  • Kentucky, 1952
    Thomas Newman
  • Hello Walls
    Faron Young
  • Hang On Sloopy
    The McCoys
  • Tick Tick Tick
    Thomas Newman
  • Jail Bait
    Thomas Newman
  • Lewd And Shameful Manner
    Thomas Newman
  • Cold Turkey Pervert
    Thomas Newman
  • Battle Hymn Of The Republic
    Ruby Wilson and Kurt Clayton
  • My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord
    The Collins Chapel Youth Choir
  • Shooting (Georgia, 1978)
    Thomas Newman
  • Porn Again
    Thomas Newman
  • Polonaise
    Antonín Dvorak: Rusalka
    Performed by The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Libor Pesek
  • Triple Dose
    Thomas Newman
  • Surgery (North Carolina, 1983)
    Thomas Newman
  • Fanfare And March
    Bedrich Smetana: Dalibor
    Performed by The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Libor Pesek
  • The Half With The Brain
    Thomas Newman
  • Psycho Ward
    Thomas Newman
  • Althea
    Thomas Newman
  • I'm Your Boogie Man
    Harry W. Casey & Richard Finch: K.C. & The Sunshine Band
  • Twenty-One
    Thomas Newman
  • Scumbag Like Me
    Thomas Newman
  • Deep Depravity
    Thomas Newman
  • Falwell Verdict (Virginia, 1984)
    Thomas Newman
  • Happy You And Merry Me
    Mae Questil
  • Los Angeles, 1987
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  • Stabat Mater Dolorosa
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  • Rosefall
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    Performed by The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Libor Pesek
    Prague’s Philharmonic Children’s Choir, choirmaster Pavel Kühn
  • Dream Weaver
    Gary Wright



  • Memphis, Tennessee

  • Riverside (scenery built for moviemaking)
    • Flynt’s native home in Kentucky.
  • Peabody Hotel
    • A meeting of citizens association “For a decent literature” led by Charles Keating.
  • Memphis State University
    • The location of the Baptist Church.
  • The Shelby County Arena
    • The congress center in Cincinnati where Larry Flynt attends a meeting of the Association for freedom of press.
  • Abandoned Building of a Storehouse of a Train Station
    • Flynt’s bedroom on the second floor of his mansion in Bel Air.
    • The original building of Flynt’s publishing house.
    • The interior of the courthouse where Flynt’s first legal proceeding is held.
  • Street in front of Tate County Courthouse, Senatobia
    • Flynt is shot and and injured.
  • Tributary of the River Mississippi
    • Larry Flynt is baptized in the river.
  • Beverly Hills, California

  • The Flynt Publications Building, 8484 Wilshire Boulevard
    • Larry Flint’s publishing house. Jimmy and Larry’s offices, corridors, etc. Interiors of the building and complete panorama.
  • Flynt’s Mansion in Bel Air
    • A federal police intervention. Flynt is arrested.
    • Larry Flynt and Althea in their house in the 80’s.
    • In the closing sequence of the film Flynt is watches a video of Althea.
    • The house is a part of a sequence where Flynt moves to California.
  • Hollywood Boulevard
    • A transsexual walks a dog down the street.
  • Washington D. C.

  • Supreme Court Building
    • Larry goes to the Supreme Court for the final trial. Crowds of people are assembling in front of the building.


Oscar® - Academy Awards
(69th Annual)
Los Angeles
Oscar® Best Actor in a Leading Role
Woody Harrelson
("Larry Flynt")
Best Director
Milos Forman
Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards (22nd Annual) Los Angeles
LAFCA (Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award) Best Supporting Actor
Edward Norton
Best Supporting Actress
Courtney Love
("Althea Leasure")
New York Film Critics Circle Awards (62nd ceremony) New York
NYFCCA (New York Film Critics Circle Award) Best Supporting Actress
Courtney Love
("Althea Leasure")
Boston Society of Film Critics Awards Boston
BSFC Award (Boston Society of Film Critics Award) Best Supporting Actor
Edward Norton
Best Supporting Actress
Courtney Love
("Althea Leasure")
Society of Texas Film Critics Awards Texas
STFC Award (Society of Texas Film Critics Awards) Best Supporting Actor
Edward Norton
National Board of Review New York
Freedom of Expression Award Milos Forman, Oliver Stone
Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards Los Angeles
Critics Choice Award Best Picture
Chicago Film Critics Association Awards Chicago
CFCA Award (Chicago Film Critics Association) Most Promising Actor
Edward Norton
Most Promising Actress
Courtney Love
("Althea Leasure")
Florida Film Critics Circle Awards Florida
FFCC Award (Florida Film Critics Circle) Best Supporting Actor
Edward Norton
Best Supporting Actress
Courtney Love
("Althea Leasure")
Southeastern Film Critics Association Awards USA SEFCA Award (Southeastern Film Critics Association) Best Supporting Actor
Edward Norton
Political Film Society Los Angeles
PFS Award (Political Film Society) Exposé
Human Rights
The International Press Academy's Satellite Awards Los Angeles
Golden Satellite Award Best Motion Picture Screenplay - Original
Scott Alexandre, Larry Karaszewski
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture - Drama
Courtney Love
("Althea Leasure")
Kansas City Film Critics Circle Awards Kansas City
KCFCC (Kansas City Film Critics Circle Award) Best Film
Golden Globe Awards
(55th Annual)
Los Angeles
Golden Globe Best Director (Motion Picture)
Milos Forman
Best Screenplay (Motion Picture)
Scott Alexandre, Larry Karaszewski
Best Motion Picture (Drama)
Michael Hausman
Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture (Drama)
Woody Harrelson (“Larry Flynt”)
Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture (Drama)
Courtney Love
("Althea Leasure")
Berlin International Film Festival Berlin
Golden Bear Milos Forman
Writers Guild of America Awards Los Angeles
Paul Selvin Honorary Award Best Adapted Drama
Scott Alexandre, Larry Karaszewski
Screen Actors Guild Awards Los Angeles
Actor® Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role
Woody Harrelson
("Larry Flynt")
Casting Society of America, USA Los Angeles
Artios® Best Casting for Feature Film (Drama)
Francine Maisler
(location casting: Jo Doster)
MTV Movie Awards Santa Monica
MTV Movie Award Best Breakthrough Performance
Courtney Love
("Althea Leasure")
Czech Lions Prague
Czech Republic
Czech Lion The Most Successful Movie With Viewers
Milos Forman

Technical information

35 mm
Aspect ratio: 2,35:1
Sound mix: Dolby Digital, SDDS
Color (Technicolor)


Columbia Pictures presents
in Association with Phoenix Pictures an Ixtlan, production


Larry Flynt Woody Harrelson
Althea Leasure Courtney Love
Isaacman Edward Norton
Charles Keating James Cromwell
Arlo Crispin Glover
Simon Leis James Carville
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Ruth Carter Stapleton Donna Hanover
Network Reporter Norm MacDonald
Chester Vincent Schiavelli
Miles Miles Chapin
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Casting by Francine Maisler
Music by Thomas Newman
Costume Designers Theodor Pistek, Arianne Phillips
Film Editor Christopher Tellefsen
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Director of Photography Philippe Rousselot
Written by Scott Alexander, Larry Karaszewski
Produced by Oliver Stone, Janet Yang, Michael Hausman
Directed by Milos Forman
10 Year Old Larry Cody Block
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Old Hillbilly Robert Davis
Young Ma Flynt Kacky Walton
Young Pa Flynt John Ryan
1st Stripper Kathleen Kane
Disc Jockey Greg Roberson
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Trucker Mike Pniewski
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Staffer Rick Rogers
Staffer Dan Lenzini
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The Producers Acknowledge The Cooperation of

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Special Thanks

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