Goya’s Ghosts

Historical Drama

8th November, 2006, Madrid, Spain

110 min.


© 2006, Xuxa Productions

“This is a most engaging, thoughtful, beautifully mounted film, with suitably painterly camera-work by Javier Aguirresarobe. “

(Philip French, The Observer, May 2007)

Near the turn of the 18th century, the court painter Francisco de Goya is accused by The Inquisition of making pictorial representations of sensuality and evil, and has to defend himself in front of the Church court. In the end, the painter is spared, and he goes unpunished. However, a different fabricated case brought by Brother Lorenzo involves a very young Inés who was a model for the painter.

Inés, a wealthy merchant’s daughter, is tortured in jail to confess to a crime against Christianity. During this time, her family is not given any information about her. Fifteen years later, the Spanish Inquisition is abolished, but Napoleon is marching into the country. In Napoleon’s service is the fanatical (but this time secular) former Brother Lorenzo.

About the movie

“Goya’s Ghosts” gave Forman the opportunity – after working on films about W. A. Mozart, Andy Kaufman and Larry Flynt – to make another dramatization of a historical figure´s biography. The film begins in Spain, a country overwhelmed with disorder inspired by the neighbouring French Revolution. The church attempts to strengthen its power through the intensive pursuit of freethinkers and heretics and by re-establishing the right to torture suspects.

 Goya is a popular artist who paints the Queen and even the chief inquisitor himself. When Inés is imprisoned by The Inquisition, and despite her innocence pleads guilty during torture, her father asks the influential Goya for help.

Goya becomes both a mediator and a witness to the hopeless fight between Inés´ father and the inquisitional machine. Eventually Inés’ father tricks Lorenzo into confessing heresy, thereby proving to the Church the absurdity of using the right to torture and the worthlessness of his daughter´s confession. Regardless of this, the girl remains imprisoned.  

Fifteen years later, Napoleon invades the country and abolishes The Inquisition, setting Inés and the rest of the prisoners free. But this is not the end of her struggles because while she was in prison the revolutionary guards killed her family. The desperate woman turns to Goya (who is already deaf) to help find the daughter she gave birth to in prison,

During his search, Goya meets a prosecutor appointed by the French and recognizes him as Lorenzo. Goya learns that Lorenzo is the father of Inés’s child. Lorenzo attempts to kill both Inés and his daughter Alicia, but before he is successful the British Army arrives.

This spectacular parable is a comment on despotism and power, and the blind fanaticism that devours not only its victims, but also its own executors. It reflects the director’s important personal experience with the Nazi and Communist dictatorship. At the same time, the film can also be viewed as a more up to date commentary on of the start of the Iraq war when the American public were hyped up and overwhelmed by political fanaticism.

In addition to this the film outlines the absurd mechanism of historical trials. These trials were set off by a religious inquisitor who started committing bloodshed in the name of God, yet at the same time committing crimes of fornication, murder and even the denial of his faith. We come to see that evil comes dressed up in different guises.

Throughout the film, Goya remains an involuntary witness who is unable to do anything else but paint the horrors around him. The painter’s dilemma is communicated through his sensual sceneries or expressive war scenes. The paradox of Goya’s life is that he was an acute observer of beauty, but because he survived both The Spanish Inquisition and the Napoleonic wars he became more famous for portraying and reflecting the horrors of his time.


  • The idea to make a film about the great Spanish painter Francisco de Goya and The Spanish Inquisition first occurred to Milos Forman more than 50 years ago when he was a student in Communist Czechoslovakia.
  • Forman and Jean-Claude Carrière (who speaks Spanish and knows the country) spent several weeks driving around the Spanish countryside and even made a second trip with Saul Zaentz in order to deepen their understanding of the country and its culture.
  • When asked why a film about such a quintessentially Spanish artist was made in English, the director replied, "I don't speak Spanish".
  • Before Milos Forman cast Natalie Portman in the film he did not know who she was. By chance, he saw a picture of her in a magazine where she looked like a young woman from Goya’s last painting “Milkmaid of Bordeaux”. When he found out she was an actress, he offered her the role.
  • Cayetano Martínez de Irujo y Fitz-James Stuart was an actor in the movie. He is the 13th Count of Salvatierra and the youngest son of the Duchess of Alba, one of the richest women in the world and whose ancestor was allegedly Goya's lover. Forman, Cayetano, and Cayetano´s then-fiancée, Genoveva Casanova y González met during a trip to Spain, where Genoveva showed Forman around a private collection of the Duchess of Alba that includes several paintings by Goya. Following this meeting, Genoveva invited Forman to her wedding. The director promised to come on the condition that the couple would act in his movie. In the film Cayetano plays Wellington, and Genoveva plays a harlot to be shipped with other prostitutes to America.

Milos Forman about the movie

  • “It didn’t really start with Goya at all,” Forman recalls. “It started when I was in film school and read a book about The Spanish Inquisition and an incident in which someone had been falsely accused of a crime.“
  • “The script was finished months before the Iraq war. There's a line in the film when Napoleon’s general says to his soldiers they´ll  be greeted with flowers as liberators in Spain. It's difficult to explain to people that the line was there before our vice-president (Dick Cheney, editor’s mark) said that. But of course it isn´n surprising that history repeats itself. After every disaster, every war, we scream, "We learned our lesson. Never again." And then it happens again. And we scream again. And then it happens again.“
  • “I didn’t want the actor playing Goya to be someone recognizable,” the director says. “For the fictitious characters of Lorenzo and Inés, it didn’t matter to me if a famous face filled the role. But Goya. Goya would come out of nowhere. Unexpectedly. We shouldn’t be able to recognize him from anywhere else.”

Making of

Making of Goya’s Ghosts

48 min., color
Director: Yolanda Hinojose
© 2002 The Saul Zaentz Company

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  • San Martín de la Vega

  • Homestead
    • Goya’s studio where the painter is paints both Inés and Lorenzo.
    • The Inquisition jailhouse where Inés is imprisoned, tortured and later raped by Lorenzo.
  • Madrid and surroundings

  • Castle Viñuelas
    • The Spanish Queen Marie Louisa poses for Goya’s portrait.
    • The King goes on a hunt.
  • Nature Reserve Cuenca Alta de Manzanares
    • Wellington’s soldiers are release prostitutes who are being sent on a ship to America.
  • Cartuja de Talamanca de Jarama
    • Inés and her brothers feast in a tavern.
  • Castle La Quinta El Pardo
    • In Lorenzo’s study Goya and Inés confront Lorenzo.
  • Palacio Real de El Pardo (King’s Palace in Madrid)
    • In the Royal chambers Goya witnesses the Spanish King learn about his relative’s (the French King’s) execution.
    • A study where Napoleon talks to ministers.
    • Inés and her family meet with the Spanish King.
  • Parque del Retiro
    • The park where Alicia prostitutes herself. Lorenzo is lures Alicia to a carriage and offers her to leave for America.
  • Segovia, Castilla y León

  • Calle Real, Calle José Canalejas, Plaza de San Esteban
    • French soldiers are “liberate” Madrid.
  • Casa de la Moneda (Royal Mint)
    • Armed French soldiers invade the building and start to shoot.
  • Plaza de San Martín
    • The entrance to the Bilbatuas’ residence.
  • The City Surrounding
    • Battle scenes.
  • Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha

  • Village Ocaña
    • The French military camp before the attack on Spain.
    • Wellington army crosses the frontier between Portugal and Spain.
  • Vera de Moncayo, Zaragoza, Aragón

  • Real Monasterio de Santa María de Veruela
    • A French soldier enters the church on horseback and announces that the inquisition is cancelled to the church dignitaries (Church).
    • Monks analyze Goya’s drawings (Refectory).
    • Lorenzo rapes Inés in a cell (Embalming Room).
  • Salamanca

  • Calle de la Compañía, Univesidad Pontificia
    • Post-execution Goya takes Lorenzo’s dead body away on a wagon.
  • Plaza del Concilio de Trento
    • A religious procession carries Lorenzo’s picture, and ritually burn it in the square.
  • Boadilla del Monte

  • Palacio del Infante don Luis
    • At a dinner at the Bilbatuas’ residence with Goya and Lorenzo. Inés’s father and brothers make Lorenzo confess to heresy.
    • The place of execution.


Goya Awards Madrid
Goya Best Costume Design
Yvonne Blake
Best Make-Up and Hairstyles
Ivana Primorac, Susana Sánchez, Manolo García
Best Special Effects
Reyes Abades, Felix Bergés, Eduardo Diaz
Satelite Awards Los Angeles
Satelite Award Best Costume Design
Yvonne Blake
Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films Los Angeles
Saturn Award Best International Film

Technical information

35 mm
Aspect ratio: 1,85:1
Sound mix: Dolby Digital, DTS
Color (Technicolor)


Xuxa Presents
A Saul Zaentz production
Lorenzo Javier Bardem
Inés / Alicia Natalie Portman
Francisco Goya Stellan Skarsgård
King Carlos IV Randy Quaid
Tomás Bilbatúa José Luis Gómez
Inquisitor General Michael Lonsdale
Casting Michelle Guish, Camilla-Valentine Isola
Music by Varhan Bauer
Costume Designer Yvonne Blake
Film Editor Adam Boome
Production Designer Patrizia von Brandenstein
Director of Photography Javier Aquirresarobe
Co-producer / Line Producer Mark Albela
Co-producer Denise O’Dell
Executive Producer Paul Zaentz
Produced by Saul Zaentz
Written by Milos Forman, Jean-Claude Carrière
Directed by Milos Forman


Queen María Luisa Blanca Portillo
María Isabel Bilbatúa Mabel Rivera
Ángel Bilbatúa Unax Ugalde
Álvaro Bilbatúa Fernando Tielve
Monk 1 David Calder
Monk 2 Frank Baker
Hooded Monk Ramón Langa
Pyre Monk Manuel de Blas
Confiscating Monk Andrés Lima
Churchman 1 Emilio Linder
Churchman 2 José María Sacristán
Goya’s Translator Wael Al-Moubayed
Asylum Director Simón Andreu
Chamberlain Jack Taylor
Joseph Bonaparte Julian Wadham
Royal Messenger Ben Temple
Napoleon Craig Stevenson
French General Scott Cleverdon
French Colonel Carlos Bardem
Henrietta Casamares Aurélia Thiérrée
Duke of Wellington Cayetano Martínez de Irujo
Harlot Genevieve Casanova
Frame Maker Eusebio Lázaro
Alicia’s Dueña Concha Hidalgo
Mother Superior Trinidad Rugero
Bespectacled Nun Lola Peno
Harlot’s Dueña May Heatherley
Maja Natalia Gil
Money Monk Victor Israel
Familiar 1 Balbino Lacosta
Familiar 2 Manolo Caro
Doña Julia Mercedes Castro
Message Monk Enrique Martínez
Inquisition Notary Jose Luis Vazquez
Apprentice 1 Tamar Novas
Apprentice 2 David Luque
Novice Carolina Petersson
Minister Carlos Miranda
Juliet Casamares Lola Kittay
Claire Casamares Romy Kittay
Jean Casamares Thomas Riordan
Guard Benito Sagredo
Goya’s Coachman José Alias
Obese Man Paco Hidalgo
French Officer Ángel Hidalgo
English Officer Alvaro Quiroga
King Ferdinand Manuel Brun
Harlot’s Baby Irene Sánchez
Harlot’s Baby Haritz Gomez
Stand-ins Juan Tejeda
Stand-ins Amaia Garmendia
Stand-ins Daniel Lindo
In Memoriam Pedro Sopeña
Production Manager Salvador Yagüe
1st Assistant Director Charlie Lázaro
2nd Assistant Director Luis Casacuberta
2nd 2nd Assistant Director Dani Rivero, Francisco Barrionuevo
3rd Assistant Director Karmen Mendo
Assistant Director Crowd Gabriel Cuenca
Key Floor Runner Ben Lanning
Floor Runner Pablo García
Production Co-ordinator Trilby Norton
Assistant Production Co-ordinator Ana Palacios
Production Secretary Asia Jarzyna
Production Assistant Patricia Alvarez
Production Runners Annie Palazon, Marta Lopez
KanZaman Legal & Business Orlando Pedregosa
KanZaman VP Production Denis Pedregosa
Xuxa Producers Assistant Cristina Ecija
Assistants to Mr. Zaentz Nancy Eichler, David Ocaña
Assistants to Mr. Forman Tomas Studer, Felipe Miranda
Financial Controller Ali Moshref
Production Accountant Laura Mateos
Assistant Accountant Abi Sila, Saray Perez
Accounts Secretary Luisa Rodriguez
Script Supervisor Maralyn Causley
Sound Recordist Peter Glossop
Boom Operator Shaun Mills
Sound Assistant Jorge Adrados
Location Manager Félix Rosell
Base Camp Manager Cristina San Cayo
Assistants Location Manager Ricardo Serrano, Mercedes Barbod
Key Location Assistant Teddy Villalba
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Sketch Artist Colt Hausman
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Condesa de Altamira y su hija a Maria Agustina
Manuel Osorio Manrique de Zuñiga
Torture of a Man Courtesy Ot The Hispanic Society Of America New York
Duquesa de Alba
Frescos De La Ermita De San Antonio De La Florida Courtesy Of Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida © Museo Panteón De Goya
Corral de locos Courtesy of Meadows Museum, SMU, Dallas

With Special Thanks To

Dr. Javier Lopez, David Bergad, Tim Noonan, Ni Phan, Juliet Mason, Nicholas Robbins, Fredrica Drotos, Tim Sternberg, Lucette Legot, Frederic Bovis, Manuela Mena, Valerie Chatel, Fred Milstein, Toni Howard, Manuel Soria, Beatriz De Armas, Arturo Gonzalez Panero, Francisco Javier Henandez, Luisa Rodriguez, Maria Dolores Fernandez, Soledad Semprún,  Allen Djurkovic
Madrid Film Commission, Patrimonio Nacional,  Salamanca Film Commission, Patrimonio Histórico Nacional, Colegio de España - Salamanca, Comunidad de Madrid, Casa de la Moneda Segovia,  Real Monasterio de Veruela, Ermita De San Antonio de la Florida,  Museo del Prado, British Deaf Association, Calcografía Nacional, Universidad de Alcalá, Palacio Real / Patrimonio Nacional, Diputación Provincial de Zaragoza, Fundación Lázaro Caldiano, PromoMadrid, Bodegas Campo de Borja, Parques y jardines de Madrid, Mahou, Amalia Blanco, Museo del Traje, ICAA, Dirección General de Turismo de Madrid, Parque Natural de la Cuenca Alta del Manzanares, Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando
Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Segovia, Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Veruela, Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Talamanca de Jarama, Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Salamanca, Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Alcalá de Henares, Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Boadilla del Monte, Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Aranjuez, Excmo. Ayuntamiento de Huerta de Valdecarabano
Filmed on Locations in and aroung Madrid, Segovia, Salamanca, Toledo and Zaragoza, Spain
Dolby Digital®
Final Cut Pro X (Apple)
Cooke S4 and Angenieux Optimo Lenses
DTS (Digital Theater System)
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