Man on the Moon

Comedy / Drama

20. 12. 1999, Los Angeles, USA

114 min.


© 1999 Universal Studios

“This is a movie that testifies in blisteringly persuasive terms to the intense, particular genius of Jim Carrey.“

(Susan Stark, Detroit News, 1. 1. 2000)

“Man on the Moon stars Jim Carrey as the controversial comedian Andy Kaufman who is famous for his unconventional sense of humour, scandals, and endless mystifications. The film follows Kaufman from his first stand-up performances in local clubs, to his role in the sitcom “Taxi” and the shocking wrestling show, and ends with his last joke at his own funeral.

About the movie

You could never be sure what Kaufmann truly meant, and what was just one of his eccentric jokes. When Kaufman quit his popular role as the foreign mechanic Latko in “Taxi”,he explained, “I want to create just my own things.” Throughout the film, we watch as Kaufman creates his “own” world out of mystifications and hackneyed jokes not only on the stage, but also in his real life. 

Kaufman not only loses his audience, he also loses close friends and his girlfriend. During his downward spiral, Kaufman sings children’s songs to audiences looking for coarse jokes.  At a college campus show he reads “The Great Gatsby”. He invites his talent agent to a nightclub to watch a performance by a rude, loud-mouthed lounge singer named Tony Clifton who is revealed to be his alter- ego.

Kaufman would fake his own death or to set the theatre on fire just to make an audience laugh. Right when we think we “get” how his mind works, he baffles us with another shocking stunt or mystification. When Kaufman becomes ill, he goes to the Philippines seeking a miracle cure, but when he finds it he recognizes that he once pulled a similar scam (as performance art). With this knowledge Kaufman loses his last chance to be cured; he however accepts that for once the joke is on him.

This innovative biography follows Kaufman’s career from its very beginnings; from the nightclubs to the memorable success of his own show at Carnegie Hall. Despite the obscure and politically incorrect nature of his performance art, we watch Kaufman become a star right in front of our eyes. Milos Forman’s film is a tribute to Kaufman’s humour; it makes you laugh but at the same time gives you the creeps.  


  • In 1999, the magazine Entertainment Weekly called “Man On The Moon” the movie of the year.
  • Although the movie is based on a true story, more than only one real person inspired other characters. Some of the characters are completely fictitious as are some of the situations depicted.
  • Jim Carrey refused to be called by his real name during the entire production. To get into the role of Kaufman he insisted on being dealt with as Andy Kaufman at all times, on and off the set.
  • The title "Man on the Moon" refers to an R.E.M. song about Andy Kaufman from their album "Automatic For The People."
  • According to The Holywood Reporter, Jim Carrey arrived on the first day of shooting dressed as an ice cream man - truck and all – and proceeded to offer ice creams to the crew.
  • It was also reported that Carrey allegedly requested two trailers on the set - one for "Andy Kaufman" and one for "Tony Clifton" who was Kaufman's obnoxious lounge singer persona.
  • Danny DeVito worked with Kaufman on the television series “Taxi“. Other members of that show's cast including Marilu Henner, Judd Hirsch, Christopher Lloyd and Jeff Conaway make cameo appearances in the film playing themselves.
  • Danny DeVito did not only act in the movie, he also served as producer.
  • Andy’s girlfriend, Lynne Martoulis also appeared in the movie as one of the mourners in the funeral scene.
  • While the film was being shot Milos Forman suffered from insomnia so he took naps anytime it was possible, even on the set he would find himself a cozy place to fall asleep. At the end of shooting he received a gift from his colleagues - a photo album full of pictures of him sleeping on a couch, in a bed, on a truck, in his director’s chair and even on the floor. Forman has joked that despite the movie’s all-star cast, it didn’t earn enough money because the director had been sleeping all the time.

Milos Forman about the movie

  • “In 1975 Bob Henry invited me to see a show in Los Angeles. All the comedians, both the new ones and the old ones, were trying their luck on stage. And then this man came up, Andy Kaufman, completely unknown at the time. I was laughing like crazy but I wasn't sure what exactly I was laughing at. It was one of the most peculiar moments in my life. It was peculiar to such an extent that I started to take an interest in the life and career of Andy Kaufman. Twenty years later I met Danny (DeVito) at Michael Douglas's birthday party and we talked about Andy. Danny was telling me stories about him and I said: “What about making a movie?” He liked the idea and that’s how it started“.
  • “The reason I started to see his life as a movie was that I simply couldn’t figure out who the real Andy Kaufman was“.
  • “Casting Jim Carrey had been my idea from the start, but I hadn´t dared to cast that part randomly. So I said that everybody interested in that particular role should send me a videotape of them performing Andy Kaufman. The best videotape was from Jim Carrey. He apparently studied all the TV shots and historical data available, because he could not only imitate Kaufman’s voice but also mimic his gestures, and he impersonated him so completely – that I immediately promised the main part to Jim.“
  • “I am not exaggerating when I say that I’d never worked with Jim Carrey before. Every morning either Andy Kaufman or Tony Clifton or Latka or Elvis or some other foreigner came to the set. I suspect that he woke up as a certain character in the morning and he went to sleep as that character in the evening. I think I can give him the merit for the authenticity of the whole movie.”
  • “If you have experienced working with good people and you have understood each other, it would seem silly not to cooperate with them again. There are five people from “Cuckoo’s Nest”: Danny DeVito, Vincent Schiavelli, Christopher Lloyd, Sydney Lassick and Marya Small. Such a friendship always turns into something really good on screen.”
  • “I just like Courtney very much. She is very talented, in everything she says and does there is a seed of truth….”
  • “For many people involved it was a very emotional moment. Of course, Lynne Martoulis, Andy’s girlfriend, Andy’s manager George Shapiro, his other manager Howard Wet, and his close friend Bob Zmuda. And the whole “Taxi” crew was there. They hadn’t seen each other for years. When they came and saw the old set, Marilu Henner and Carol Kane were on the verge of tears.”
  • “Scott Alexander and Larry Karazewski are very talented screenwriters. They account for the American psyche and have a sense for dialogue. I especially admired the way they dealt with the tons of material on Andy. And I mean tons. They’d read everything and created a dramatic plot which helped the movie a lot.”
  • “Jimmy marched out of his trailer as Kaufman’s obnoxious alter ego and the whole crew was just that small. At noon he burst into the Paramount cafeteria where we were shooting, and marched straight to the VIP table: 'Hi, men! Howdy? I’m Tony Clifton!’ He shook their hands, patted them on the back, then moved on. But a terrible smell lingered after he’d left. Before coming in, Jimmy had rubbed stinky cheese on his hands.“
  • “I like to cast non-actors, because that brings excitement. Film makers are professionals, almost nothing excites them, they´re just doing their job. I used to hear this all the time:

    ‘Is that really Andy’s manager??‘
    ‘Yep, yep.‘
    ‘And does he play the owner of the club?‘
    ‘Yep, yep.‘
    Everyone said:  ‘Really?‘
    ‘And the little girl we see at the beginning, is that really Andy Kaufman´s granddaughter? Really??‘

    It became more thrilling then.“

  • “If the movie impressed the audience just as Andy had done, I would be satisfied. He wasn’t worried if he made the audience laugh or not. The only aim he had an interested in was forcing them to participate, to arouse emotions. But he didn’t pay attention whether the audience clapped, hissed, booed, or worshipped him… As long as there was emotion involved, he didn’t care.”

Making of

Behind the Moonlight

19 min., color
© 2000 Universal Studios Home Video

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  • Los Angeles, California

  • Studio Universal’s Ateliers
    • The studio bodyguards throw Andy out of the studio.
    • Clips of Andy’s TV performance and the scenes in dressing rooms.
  • Peace Memorial Park
    • Andy’s funeral.
  • Vine Street Theater, Hollywood
    • Andy goes to the cinema with Lynne and buys popcorn.
  • Jerry’s Deli, Ventura Boulevard
    • Andy works the deli. His manager calls to talk to him about his career development.
  • Olympic Auditorium, Grand Avenue
    • A Woman’s wrestling match that ends with free-for-all.
  • Los Angeles Theatre
    • Kaufman’s famous show in Carnegie Hall “Milk and Honey” where he fakes a death and has Santa Claus fly in. After the show, Andy invites the audience for milk and biscuits.
  • Hotel Ambassador, Wilshire Boulevard
    • Andy’s manager’s office.
  • La Puente, California

  • Main Street in La Puente
    • Andy and Lynne talk about their relationship and wrestling matches.
  • Topanga, California

  • The Mermaid, Topanga Canyon
    • The sick Andy watches the sunset.
  • New York City, New York

  • Ed Sullivan Theater, Broadway, Manhattan
    • Andy Kaufman recites in front of the audience.
  • Great Neck, Long Island
    • Andy’s native home.
  • Carnegie Hall - 57th Street & 7th Avenue, Manhattan
    • Exteriors of Carnegie Hall.


  • Benguet Province, Luzon Island

  • Baguio
    • A dying Andy travels to a shaman in order to treat his cancer.


Boston Society of Film Critics Awards Boston, USA BSFC Award (Boston Society of Film Critics Award) Best Actor
Jim Carrey
("Andy Kaufman")
Online Film Critics Society Awards USA OFCS Award (Online Film Critics Society Award) Best Actor
Jim Carrey
("Andy Kaufman")
The International Press Academy's Satellite Awards Los Angeles
Golden Satellite Award Best Performance by an Actor in a leading role in a Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical)
Jim Carrey
("Andy Kaufman")
Golden Globe Awards
(58th Annual)
Los Angeles
Golden Globe Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture (Comedy / Musical)
Jim Carrey
("Andy Kaufman")
Best Motion Picture (Comedy / Musical)
Danny DeVito
Berlin International Film Festival Berlin
Golden Berlin Bear Best Film – Milos Forman
Berlin International Film Festival Berlin
Silver Berlin Bear Best Director
Milos Forman
American Comedy Awards Los Angeles
American Comedy Award Funniest Actor in a Motion Picture (Leading Role)
Jim Carrey
("Andy Kaufman")
Canadian Comedy Awards Toronto
Canadian Comedy Award Film - Performance - Male
Jim Carrey
("Andy Kaufman")
Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards Los Angeles
Critics Choice Award Best Picture
American Cinema Editors Awards Los Angeles
Eddie Best Edited Feature Film (Comedy or Musical) - Christopher Tellefsen, Lynzee Klingman, Adam Boome
Screen Actors Guild Awards Los Angeles
Actor® Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role
Jim Carrey
("Andy Kaufman")
Casting Society of America Los Angeles
Artios® Best Casting for Feature Film (Comedy)
Francine Maisler
MTV Movie Awards Culver city
MTV Movie Award Best Male Performance
Jim Carrey
("Andy Kaufman")
Prism Awards Beverly Hills
Prism Commendation Theatrical Feature Film
Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards Los Angeles
Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Award Best Character Make up (Feature)
Sheryl Ptak
Czech Lions Prague
Czech Republic
Czech Lion Best Foreign Language Film
Milos Forman
London Critics Circle Film Awards London
United Kingdom
ALFS Award (London Critics Circle Film Award) Actor of the Year
Jim Carrey
("Andy Kaufman")
Grammy Awards
(25th Annual)
Los Angeles
Grammy Best Song Written for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media
Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Michael Stipe
(for the song
"The Great Beyond")

Technical information

35 mm
Aspect ratio: 2,35:1
Sound mix: Dolby Digital, SDDS, DTS


Mutual Film Company and Uneversal Pictures present
A Jersey Films / Cinehaus Production
In Association with Shapiro / West Productions


Andy Kaufman Jim Carrey
George Shapiro Danny DeVito
Lynne Marguiles Courtney Love
Bob Zmuda Paul Giamatti
Maynard Smith (ABC Executive) Vincent Schiavelli
Ed Weinberger ('Taxi Producer') Peter Bonerz
Jerry Lawler Jerry Lawler
Stanley Kaufman (Andy's Father) Gerry Becker
Janice Kaufaman (Andy's Mother) Leslie Lyles
Little Michael Kaufman Greyson Pendry
Baby Carol Kaufman Brittany Colonna
Little Andy Kaufman Bobby Boriello
Mr. Besserman George Shapiro
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Wiseass Comic Tom Dreesen
Improv Piano Player Thomas Armbruster
Diane Barnett Pamela Abdy
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Himself Tony Clifton
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