Interesting Facts 20. 12. 2011

Queuing up for Hair

If you wanted to see Forman’s “Hair” in his homeland of Czechoslovakia (which in those days was still a communist country) when it was first released, you had to queue up for the tickets all night. For several generations of Czechs and Slovaks the film became a manifesto of desired liberty and freedom. However, the official interpretation was quite different; “Hair” was seen as criticizing U.S. foreign affairs and their involvement in the Vietnam War. Thanks to this interpretation, the film was released in the totalitarian regime of communist Czechoslovakia.

News 18. 12. 2011

Vaclav Havel, the playwright and former President of the Czech Republic, dies aged 75

“There were not many people in my life whom I had known for more than sixty years. Vaclav was one of them. He is gone forever, but nothing is lost from my memories of the things we shared and experienced together. This sad moment is too personal for me and I find it difficult to express more.”
Milos Forman, Warren, Connecticut, USA

Trivia 12. 12. 2011

The Audition

“Audition” was shot with Forman’s pri­vate 16 mm Pentaflex movie camera, and the sound was recorded on a Grundig tape recorder. There was no post synchronization sound. Editor Miroslav Hajek managed to edit the movie successfully even though some frames were destroyed.

News 24. 11. 2011

Another Award for Forman

On November 23, 2011 Milos Forman and Otakar Vavra (in memoriam) received Life Achievement Awards from Barrandov Film Studios on their 80-year anniversary.

News 14. 11. 2011

A street was named after Milos Forman in Barrandov

The streets at the Barrandov Studio complex are named after outstanding directors who helped the development of Czech cinema. Some of these directors are Milos Forman, Martin Fric, Frantisek Vlacil, Otakar Vavra, Jiri Menzel and Karel Kachyna.